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goals are accomplished which could take a while and get real dirty what do you do well that's what friends are for we have asked our partners to take greater responsibility for securing their home region saudi arabia it seems has volunteered for the difficult task of sending troops to sit on oil fields in eastern syria apparently saudi arabia has been volunteering pretty hard and pretty long we're in discussions with the us and have been since the beginning of the syrian crisis about sending forces into syria now here's the thing those arab troops would have to be trained the u.s. could do it but no off the what happened last time all the last times iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. they were not outnumbered by in fact
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they vastly outnumbered the opposing force and yet they failed to fight they withdrew from the site we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight i saw and defend themselves so if the pentagon doesn't want to get involved there's conveniently a third option erik prince mercenaries and soldier of fortune extraordinaire the founder of blackwater yes v. blackwater the infamous private military company who is operations in iraq resulted in it being banned from the country only to reemerge and a new name. for.
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there were dead bodies everywhere in the city arguments on his batting with the people inside among the dead bodies lying on the street that's who it was in the middle of the seven years old. prince was out of sight for a while before resurfacing under a trump whom he donated a quarter of a million dollars to prince says officials in the middle east have already contacted him about assembling a force for syria and with john bolton as the new national security adviser one of
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the most radically militant talks in washington no one's going to care about prince's shady past john bolton is here we just had a big. it's a win win if you are unwilling to occupy a hostile desert had a country that doesn't want you there while privatized it give your buddies a chance to make a quick buck after all isn't that what friends are for we discussed this issue with brian becker from the antiwar coalition. american government is telling the american people look we're going to go to war in syria it's imperative that we do so it's imperative that we occupy or our proxies under our guidance occupy these other countries but don't worry americans won't do any bleeding the suffering the bleeding will be done by others the real function of us troops in northern and
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eastern syria or if they are replaced by a nato arabs of military force the saudis so to speak organized by erik prince they will be nothing other than a trip wire allowing the us to buy either through bombs or missiles against any force including the sovereign syrian arab army that seemed to interfere with the american zone of influence in the northern and eastern part of syria. almost three decades of pasta since there was to have a disaster in british sporting history the hillsborough tragedy left ninety six liverpool football fans dad after they were crushed during a game when the stand they were in became dangerously overcrowded stan collymore has been speaking to the sister of one of the victims. didn't just say i. took my parents to brooks family. it wasn't just one thing. and it's not my dad's and i still really crowd no one you it's.
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just. we end up going to the ball used to close up. then you can just. fly. on the way. and every so often these places would stand on a chair haven't got anybody recognised recognise things trying is anybody recognised. a mum wouldn't kill but you didn't want to look because you didn't want it to be your loved ones he was too scared to look i said value is full. it's of oh hey paula on the face of it oh it's come along. it's halim because i can assure you mr brooks also has a gun to look like anything you must remember him to look how much upset there were people not you couldn't work out whether the same old mio that were wrecked now i
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suppose i made my dad's case for. that boat for a towing how did you feel when you when you know. that he's not that he's not that . he's not going to die oh we know. what was said about him was always we know it was said about him. that we drew there were to keep place and there are faults in that guy and it says that all lawfully killed and that's what we fall for twenty six year that is metro at the site pride. and i thanks for sharing a friday with us here at aussie international still to come facebook moves its users out of the e.u. use legal reach just ahead of the book bringing in strict new privacy rules
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convenient timing we'll explain that story after the break. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us in the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the way the system should work is that every stock bond security underwritten by wall street or any bank in america one percent should be carved out and put into social security so that america whether they have. minimum wage workers or whether there are c.e.o.'s all across the spectrum everyone gets to participate in this
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thing called the american economy because if you don't all stocks are not part of the american economy. if you join us today it's been revealed facebook's making changes to move the bulk of its users out of the e use legal reach weeks before the block plans to enforce. accounts will be switched from the platforms international headquarters in ireland to its main offices in california that means they will come under u.s. regulations the move affects some seventy percent of all facebook users from regions like africa asia and latin america. the transition will be completed before
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the new e.u. data protection law takes effect on may twenty fifth it imposes requirements on how users data was collected and how it's handled the fines could reach up to four percent of the company's global revenue which for facebook could mean well more than a billion dollars for the social media giant though has downplayed the importance of the data switch with being clear that we were from everyone who uses facebook the same previously protections controls and settings no matter where they live these updates do not change that. the developments come as the website is still reeling from a massive data breach scandal involving the political research group cambridge analytic up as the result eighty seven million facebook users did have their personal information compromised and the company's c.e.o. was called to testify in front of congress now mark zuckerberg snoad from those hearings show he was advised to avoid saying the platform already complies with the
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new e.u. privacy law and they also didn't include any mention of the company expanding those protections worldwide we discussed facebook's privacy policy with the co-founder of iceland's pirate party but it gets a young daughter she things users are still not informed enough about who is really and ling that data. when mark suckle book says that you know the users can control what they're doing is completely a lie because people don't know about it as we have user agreements that are you know figure than the bible when you have companies that are forced and there are so big that they're also forced to give government data and they also sell the data or as we know they don't sell the data to sell you your the product you are not aware of how these things work and they're so big that they are not even in control over that it themselves then you have big problems nobody knows what's how these
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algorithms work who feeds them what is being put into them and i think that we need to actually instead of focusing on this current narrative of you know new cold war we should be focusing on how do we learn to be in this space because we are going to be in this space and how we're going to be protected and i think we need to start to break these huge corporate sectors apart because they play such a crucial role in our democracies and when you have people like mark zuckerberg and eric smith believing that all the problems you know in the world are going to be solved by algorithms we are in a trap. not just facebook struggling with confidentiality issues a new opportunity to make the bitcoin digital currency more stable could mean a trade off over years of proposed see the go francis idea guys details. one of bitcoins most valuable traits is its anonymity sure there is a ledger of transactions but you can determine who they belong to but now tech
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giant amazon could be taking it all away courtesy a brand new amazon patent the idea is to create what's called a data marketplace who will take part well electronic and internet retailers for a start they could combine a shipping address with bitcoin transaction data then the telecom providers can subscribe to this data stream and correlated between ip addresses of the transaction to countries of origin but that's not all here come the governments government agencies may be able to subscribe downstream encourage latex transaction data to help identify transaction participants surely government and law enforcement agencies would like to subscribe to just such a data stream for example the police of america's national security agency the n.s.a. would use all that combined data to identify the final bit coin user governments
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across the globe have been striving to ryan and on crypto currencies for quite a while now we want to make sure that. currencies are not used for bad and alyssa's. is an important thing that is very important these new technologies don't lead to the appearance of an annuity that might favor the financing of criminal activities and the position we defended together with the german finance minister is to regulate bitcoin said you know he could but i don't limits he is not the only crypto feature which is endangered by amazon's new patent crypto currencies are decentralized no central bank no trade market and no way to predict their dynamic now a data stream that alison is pushing for would create a sort of stock exchange for bitcoin that. would make the crypto market more predictable pinpoint bearish and bullish trends for example so who knows maybe
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that's the good thing we might be getting here but well on and it's you have to be sacrificed for that and it isn't the end of a crypto currency as we know it. i think right now we are in. of some mass message disruption and in fact i can just east disruption is driven by the people questioning just large corporations basically stealing our personal information and the real question is who owns these information whether information should be used by corporations for they were profits so will private enterprises out there or by the stuff of information to have more segment to come are getting program absolutely these monetary supply because he's not controlled by the government but it is controlled by the math formula but i do think they're losing anonymity would be
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a huge. huge loss but i don't i don't think it will kill cripple comes to mind. they may be relics of the space race but they are still of huge interest to begin a troop generation a group of which risked arrest by breaking into the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan to take a look into the past. i. it's
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good to be with you here on this friday when i see international more to come at the top both the hour. we are still living with a lot of conflicting when you're willing to situation in syria to the rest of the middle to the problem between so did. no good american president is that i and you know through with. some out ups to grow data we heard that the so devoted to go down. on the go around so with can be in the end the bill to fail and the reason is the situation is very very dangerous. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but none of us signed up to
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be free again poisoned by our own people of seeing stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam and polystyrene batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the berm pits would really literally send a be a growth and they don't want to pay it so the way he ended decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. call for help and get the middle finger to their views too mild is. delayed and i hope he does. us president donald trump says he
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wants american troops to leave syria what are exactly washington's goals in syria partition war for war sake or a means to sticking it to iran in russia all or poorly thought out options. please. please please please please let's. just let's sleep let's listen. let's listen to the cd lucky enough to let slip such. sleep.
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was with the human costs if. you have muslim action under that same order to tell them there's much to be. illegal maybe even illegal. it. who told. me. if you need. to fill you. full you will know more that i'm home from up there so what he said involved me the most are for sure that all this. food i saw someone for our icing. variation is a mug would you think they want to pay for their forgiveness if there's only been about this it. for c v i see some
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memory of me of the goofy shit hard ball known to me will be when i forget why the moon sticks out it will be the old people who look at me i'm feeling that everything must fail. me i feel a stuck in the maze of each of the years they've been without the design but only this emotional process of hope that i can get on now but i can vouch company or family the chance of the stability that everything will be new for it out. but as you leave here. by the americans who. knows the difference from his proposals look like he's going to have what is on those in the. heart that they have less or no by the task. they hastily you might each month their way this way and we're forcing the bad you more for my g c s by.
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this goes. up this is the album with globalization. is going to tie that couple of us down on the on line. nationals among. the chandos on the on the side of the cause of the jewish. school missy at the start up and push through some tough. oh molly may she began to. pick up a gun and take the whole. thing that's. missing is out of the. fish bones throw out something she same of their fish she used to not push the psalm one long it was and. still poised on the first of the last one of four big don't. see if we steal pick
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at us dog. it was me if it is a pretty me you'd lose it is a lot of people now fails the mystic i've read that they heave your name. felt a big cheer up to me pull should we. pull get us out the one on the phone when you got your process will be able to traffic will pacific television on the lookout for most of the ground up bits but also be awarded a quarter of a moment and i promotes a book you'll just me going to the pub read on him going to the mates it was fantastic sierra's we walk by we both although i'm sure in both hello and shades is there the atoms the book don't move once you. eat a cheetos so full some of them which i was going though at the time and that book. will go on also screwed up also in the posts we've appointees spots in the wood she . will use. stone bridge made someone to.
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someone talk with some one there. in. the bundle above that it was one of them if we had a. demand we had them all at a democrat when the bargeman come on my second without things because of the obvious. only to money and i look at it from is that how to care at ail remembering there is just me a lot of the us here here what happened here. what they have all the footage of all that seems to have. kept the last song fair song so the spanish polished. trauma from media timing. legendary robinson was a division of. skill and he is lucky. to
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get the feel of the with them. for that she had the most eloquent some of you there for them is that this was a harder. for you that's going to you know someone with the. sense that they'll. get. the oils all year pressure coming to feed but i mean they're going to fit they know where they gian that the more don't look up past the scene but i really. could they also must cause a kick up the scores are meant to happen to be the main maybe useful shout kettle. interest card against events come along with the it is in the can people people competing.
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on the video it's an audio and i don't wish to share the steve. this is the or commotion of the guilty but i feel for you to ask which of their august was no way a michael mele you get shit if you don't get me over here to still not follow up. go to the. nah xander styled to spill aboard the looked after just that august eleventh in tone with. the last washroom was restarted. as a. way. to five gal of the horse scene if we don't mind the put on my old boss so. all more want to see a lot of water. that is why it will be based in new york she was. willing to shoot as a sequel. all definitions that it's going to she received and that is the. key
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. key. squeeze a spot i mean. you just think they have. more in the last film. more they have fourteen should be on the. to do. or more. stays on if you can do more if you me i'm too tough to leave. the fire jerry was on. or off the. scent that is someone that should be it. right there to run the one battle with. the. first significant fact we need to know your stuff until the photo found. them one
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now going for mom one might have a go supply me last thing before you have what i love the sound my mind's on the police even if i've read it to when you do the stuff with the sim you will never score you the steve be delegates to gambling on profit this back you up with the the. well it's just that he's the founder of the land one of the islands around the fleet but he has a feel again there. was on the west. coast same prey animal if you want to see the fish but that might have been superseded. by him down the.


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